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Say Goodbye to Clogged Ears: The Benefits of Microsuction for Ear Wax Removal


Audiologist at Brighter Ears performing Ear wax removal via microsuction with ease.
Ear wax removal via Microsuction at Brighter Ears

Excess earwax build-up can lead to uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensations. But with several ear wax removal solutions available today, which is the safest option? In this article, we delve into the world of ear wax removal, exploring the benefits of microsuction, a method gaining popularity over traditional syringing. As an experienced audiologist and the owner of Brighter Ears, I aim to address common questions and concerns regarding microsuction for ear wax removal.

Is Microsuction Safe? 

Yes, microsuction is a safe and effective method for ear wax removal. At Brighter Ears, we employ a sophisticated technique using a microscope and gentle suction tube, ensuring precise visibility during the procedure. This reduces the risk of accidental trauma to the ear canal or ear drum. The gentle suction employed also ensures that the wax is removed without causing pain or discomfort.

Is Microsuction Better Than Syringing?

Microsuction surpasses syringing in terms of ear health. Syringing, involving the use of water, poses risks such as ear infections and the potential for a perforated eardrum. Microsuction, on the other hand, offers targeted earwax removal with minimal risk of accidental damage. The procedure is comfortable, making it a superior choice for those seeking a safe and effective ear wax removal method.

The high volume of water being injected into the ear could also cause a perforated eardrum, giddiness, vertigo, or tinnitus. Microsuction, on the other hand, comes with very few risks. In very rare cases, some patients experience mild hearing loss, which resolves shortly after the procedure.

What is Microsuction Ear Cleaning?

Microsuction ear cleaning is a sophisticated technique used by audiologists to remove earwax. Before commencing the removal, a microscope or a tiny camera with a light is used to examine the ear canal and locate the blockage. The actual microsuction procedure involves using a tiny vacuum to gently dislodge and remove the wax.


  1. Examination: The clinician examines the ear using a speculum, a microscope and tiny camera.

  2. Safe Pressure Level: A single-use probe connected to the suction machine is set at a safe pressure level.

  3. Microscopic View: While viewing the ear canal through a microscope, the earwax is suctioned until the eardrum is fully visible.

  4. Duration: The entire process takes only a few minutes, emphasizing speed, safety, and minimal infection risk.

Microsuction stands out as the safest and most comfortable method of earwax removal, with the process observed through a microscope for optimal safety.

Pros of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

  • Clear Visibility

Microsuction involves the use of a microscope, providing a clear view of any excess wax in the ear canal. This visibility allows for targeted and efficient removal, making the procedure less invasive than traditional methods.

  • Forget Ear Drops

Unlike syringing or irrigation, microsuction typically does not require prior application of ear drops to soften the wax. This simplifies the process, eliminating the need for days of preparation with lubricants.

  • No Water – Less Infection Risk

Microsuction is a dry procedure, eliminating the need to flush water into the ear canal as in syringing or irrigation. This dry approach significantly reduces the risk of infection associated with moisture exposure.

  • Safe for Perforated Ears

Microsuction is safe for individuals with a perforated eardrum, mastoid cavity, or foreign objects in the ear canal. This inclusivity highlights its versatility and safety compared to alternative methods.

  • Pain-Free and Quick

Microsuction is a comfortable and quick procedure, removing blockages in minutes without causing pain. The use of a low-pressure suction probe and high-precision instruments ensures a safe and pain-free experience.

Cons of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

  • All Treatments Come with a Risk

While microsuction is considered extremely safe, all medical treatments carry a minute element of risk. Patient cooperation, remaining still during treatment, is crucial to minimize the already low risk associated with microsuction.

  • Ear Trauma

As with any ear wax removal technique, there exists an exceptionally rare possibility of damage or trauma to the ear canal. However, the likelihood of issues with ear health or ear canals following microsuction is very low.

  • Suction Noise

Microsuction generates some noise, which patients should be aware of, although modern suction pumps are designed to be very quiet.

Ear Microsuction Side Effects and Risks

  • Dizziness and Discomfort

In rare cases, microsuction may cause mild side effects such as temporary dizziness or slight hearing reduction. These are usually short-lived and can be prevented by sitting up slowly after the procedure. The use of ear drops before the procedure can further reduce reported pain and dizziness.

  • Potential Risks/Side Effects

While microsuction is generally safe, it carries a minimal risk of side effects. Some potential side effects include dizziness, discomfort due to loudness during the procedure, and reduced hearing. Serious complications are extremely rare and may include infection, temporary or permanent hearing loss, injury to the eardrum, or worsening tinnitus.

Advantages of Using Microsuction

Microsuction offers several advantages, making it a preferred method for ear wax removal. A 2014 study found it to be 91% effective in removing earwax, and it presents advantages such as:

  • Quicker procedure compared to irrigation.

  • Clear visibility for the doctor during the procedure.

  • Dry process, avoiding exposure to moisture.

  • Applicability to individuals with specific conditions like a ruptured eardrum or a history of ear surgery.

Ear Infections and Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Apart from its preventive role in ear infections, ear microsuction can be performed even in the presence of an ongoing ear infection, such as otitis externa. Typically, infections like otitis externa are treated with ear drops. However, if impacted ear wax hinders the proper application of these drops to the infection site, their effectiveness may be compromised. Clearing the accumulated wax through microsuction not only alleviates discomfort but also enhances the efficacy of ear drops. The quick and painless nature of microsuction makes it a viable option even when an ear infection is present. Since there's no need for pre-treatment, individuals can undergo microsuction on the same day and return home promptly. 

For those experiencing recurrent ear infections, considering microsuction for ear wax removal can optimize the effectiveness of any concurrent treatments.

Is Microsuction Earwax Removal Safe for Children?

Microsuction is a safe and efficient procedure for children, taking only a few minutes to perform. The procedure, while potentially noisy, is generally well-tolerated by children with proper reassurance and a calm environment. At Brighter Ears, microsuction can be performed on children as young as six years old, providing a quick and painless solution for excess earwax.

Can Microsuction Remove Hard Wax?

Yes, microsuction can effectively remove hard or impacted earwax. While it is more efficient if the wax is pre-softened, audiologists can advise on suitable methods for softening the wax before the procedure. In cases of deep or stubborn wax, a second appointment may be necessary, and alternative options may be recommended.

Alternative Earwax Removal Treatments

  • Earwax Softeners

Over-the-counter ear drops like Clear Ears can be used to soften earwax at home.

  • Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation involves using water or a saline mixture to flush out earwax. This can be performed by a doctor in-office or with a home bulb syringe and water kit.

  • Manual Techniques

A doctor may use a small, curved instrument called a curette for manual earwax removal. Attempting manual removal at home is not recommended to avoid potential injury.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal at Home

For those unable to visit an audiology clinic, we offer home visits for microsuction ear wax removal. We ensure that the equipments are sterile during the home visit.


Microsuction emerges as a leading method for safe and effective earwax removal. With its benefits including clear visibility, quick procedure, and minimal infection risk, microsuction stands out as a superior alternative to traditional methods. While all medical procedures carry some level of risk, microsuction's advantages make it a preferred choice for those seeking a comfortable and efficient solution to excess earwax. At Brighter Ears, our experienced audiologists prioritize patient safety and well-being, providing a tailored and professional approach to microsuction ear wax removal.


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