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Ear Wax Removal (Microsuction)

Price: $95

  • $66 for pensioners & Workcover

  • $40 appointment fee if no wax is found

Ear wax protects the skin in the ear canal and helps keep the ear clean and lubricated. However, some people produce excessive wax, which can cause blockages and temporary hearing problems. When this happens, it is necessary to remove the wax.

At Brighter Ears, we use a method called micro-suction to remove excess ear wax. This procedure is safe and effective, and our Audiologists are trained to perform it after completing accredited training and practical placements.

Here's what happens during the microsuction procedure:

  1. Your ear canal and eardrum will be examined by the audiologist using a speculum.

  2. If excess earwax is found, the procedure will be explained to you.

  3. A small catheter attached to suction tubing will be gently inserted into your ear canal.

  4. The excess wax will be removed using a suction technique.

Microsuction has several advantages:

  1. It is a dry procedure, unlike water syringing.

  2. It can remove debris from ear infections and foreign bodies.

  3. The procedure is safe, quick, and does not expose the ear to moisture.

  4. In case of stubborn wax, softening may be needed, and a follow-up visit is provided. Overall, micro-suction is a quick, effective, and comfortable method for removing excess ear wax.

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