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Adult Hearing Test

Price: $0 for a 15 minute screening or $150 for full comprehensive assessment

At Brighter Ears, our audiologists provide hearing tests for individuals aged 18 and above. Regular assessments are essential for maintaining a high quality of life and connection with loved ones. Untreated hearing loss can lead to various negative effects, including loneliness, depression, fatigue, and cognitive decline. Brighter Ears goal is to help you address hearing issues and minimize long-term consequences.

Our comprehensive assessment process ensures accurate results and personalized recommendations. Here's an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Medical History and Discussion: The audiologist gather detailed information about your medical history and how hearing affects your daily life.

  2. Examination of the Outer Ear: We check for any visible issues, offering micro-suctioning to remove excess wax if necessary.

  3. Pure Tone Audiometry: This standard hearing test assesses your hearing range and sensitivity.

  4. Speech Test: We evaluate your ability to understand speech in different environments.

  5. Tympanometry: This non-intrusive test measures the health of your middle ear.

  6. Results and Recommendations: The audiologist discusses the findings with you, providing appropriate referrals and suggestions, such as consulting with your General Practitioner or considering hearing aids, assistive listening devices, or ear plugs.

Brighter Ears strongly encourage regular hearing tests to prioritize your hearing health and overall well-being. Contact us if you haven't had a test in the last 12 to 24 months, and let us help you maintain optimal hearing and connection with the world around you.

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