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Industrial and Employment Hearing Test

Price: $150

At Brighter Ears, we understand the impact of noise exposure on hearing loss. That's why we offer employment hearing tests for individuals who work in noisy environments or are regularly exposed to noise. It is important for such individuals to have a yearly hearing assessment to monitor their hearing health.

Our comprehensive assessment process ensures accurate results and provides necessary recommendations. Here's an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Medical History and Discussion: We begin by discussing your medical history, ear health, and how your hearing may be impacting your life. This helps us understand your unique circumstances and concerns.

  2. Examination of the Outer Ear: We examine your outer ear to check for any visible issues. If wax buildup is present, we offer safe micro-suctioning to improve your hearing.

  3. Pure Tone Audiometry: This standard hearing test involves wearing headphones or inserts and indicating when you hear different tones or beeping sounds. It helps us assess your hearing range and sensitivity.

  4. Speech Test: You will be asked to repeat words or sentences that you hear, in quiet or with background noise. This evaluates your speech understanding ability in different listening environments.

  5. Tympanometry: This non-intrusive test measures your eardrum's movement in response to air pressure changes. It helps us assess the health of your middle ear and identify any issues requiring further attention.

  6. Results and Recommendations: After completing the assessments, we discuss the results with you. If any concerns are identified, we may refer you to a General Practitioner or provide recommendations for earplugs, assistive listening devices, or hearing aids.

  7. Documentation: We provide you with the necessary forms and reports as required.

At Brighter Ears, we prioritize your hearing health and provide personalized recommendations based on your assessment results.

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